Should I start piano lessons this early?

Numerous studies reveal the piano to be a powerful took for developing mathematical thinking. There is a “window of opportunity” that exists during the preschool years when learning the piano can facilitate neural connections in the brain needed for mathematical thinking and emotional understanding later in life. The curriculum I use was developed to make the most of these important early years.

When preschool aged children begin lessons at my studio, they start their musical journey with fun games and activities that reinforce early musical concepts. The beautifully illustrated books are filled with age-appropriate stories, games and activities that help nurture learning. Upon completing the preschool program, the transition to “traditional” piano lessons is a smooth and easy process, as children are already familiar with musical concepts and the routine that comes with attending piano lessons and home practice.

Lessons at this age are often a child’s first opportunity to be independent. It allows them to feel they have ownership over their own learning, and feel pride in their individual accomplishments. Lessons are designed to foster feelings of confidence, self-esteem, and the joy of accomplishing learning goals.

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Young Beginners (Age 6-10)

An encouraging first music lesson experience is critical to your child’s long-term enjoyment of the piano. My piano lessons are designed to provide young beginners with a solid grounding in beginning piano skills including keyboard awareness, note reading, and rhythmic understanding. The beginner method books are story-based, making them engaging and memorable for young learners.

Lessons will give your child opportunities to participate in musical activities both on and off the bench created to build confidence, increase enjoyment and solidify musical concepts.

My lessons also focus strongly on technique. I believe this is a critical skill that needs to be fostered and developed in order for the student to keep moving forward.

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Adults & Older beginners

Leaning how to play the piano as a child is very different compared to learning as an adult. This is primarily because adults who take piano lessons do so because they really want to. And there are many advantages to taking lessons as an adult, including reducing stress levels and elevating mood, improving memory as well as improving joint function in the fingers and wrists. A big advantage to lessons at this age is also the ability to concentrate for longer period of time, as well as using the already developed learning skills acquired over the years.

Adult student will usually learn faster than a small child, but it highly depends on what you would like to learn, how determined you are to learn, and how much you practice.
I highly recommend a lesson time of 45-60 minutes a week for adults, but also offer 30 minute lessons as an option.

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